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Since the first book, Franklin in the Dark, was published in 1986, Franklin has gained worldwide fame. The series of books, written by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark, have sold more than 54 million copies around the globe, and the resulting television series is one of the highest rated kids programs on all US cable networks and syndicated television. Imaginative story lines and memorable art have made Franklin a friend to every child. In Koba's live production, Franklin and his pals reassure children that it's okay to feel a myriad of ever-changing emotions, and encourage young people to solve problems on their own.

Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights

In this new Koba Entertainment production, the audience is invited to join Franklin on a quest to recover the lost "Golden Necklace" of Princess Harriet. Along the way, the gang must prove themselves worthy in an attempt to win the "Silver Shield" - the most treasured prize of knighthood. On their crusade, they come upon all sorts of obstacles, including a fierce fire breathing dragon, two riddle loving Gargoyles and a Wily Winged Beast! Is Snail too small to be a hero? Will Beaver outwit the Gargoyles? Who will prove the most worthy knight and win the treasured "Silver Shield"? This musical adventure will have the whole family cheering and clapping to the original songs, music and dance as they join Franklin and his courageous friends and save the day!

Franklin's Carnival Of Animals

Franklin and his friends Bear, Beaver, Fox and Snail are in store for plenty of fun and music when they visit a real live orchestra! In the spirit of new adventures, Franklin takes a whirl at conducting the Orchestra, but oh, what a racket he creates! Franklin learns that conducting isn't nearly as easy as he imagined! So instead, the gang lets the Maestro take the stage and conduct all of their favourite pieces from Saint Saens' Carnival of the Animals: Beaver glides to "The Swan," Fox dives with the fish in "Aquarium," Snail rattles dinosaur bones to "Fossils" and Bear's mouth waters when he hears the "Teddy Bear's Picnic." The Orchestra's majestic music stirs up images of lumbering elephants, hopping kangaroos, frolicking flamingos and even lures out No-Feet for an unforgettable appearance! Come join Franklin and his friends as they discover the wonders of the Orchestra with their wacky theatre guide, Theadora, who leads the audience through spirited participation that gets the whole family's imagination dancing!

*Local symphony required for this event.

Franklin's Musical Playdate

Franklin and his two best friends Bear and Beaver are always ready for a day filled with fun and games! The pals share their favourite songs, jokes, and riddles in Franklin’s Musical Playdate. With big adventures and important life lessons, this toe-tapping, finger-snapping show offers entertainment for all ages.

Character Meet and Greets are also available.

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